Coffee regions & processing

TW KBZ coffee is sourced from Mandalay division, and Shan, Kayin and Chin states. Arabica Catuai has rich hints of fruit and is smoother than our earthy Robusta.


We source our Robusta coffee from Kayin State in Thandaunggyi region. The agronomic conditions are beneficial, with many farmers over 50 years producing coffee.

We source 30 tons of Robusta from over 500 Kayin people each on 0.5–1 ha of land. Coffee is a significant contribution to their household income, and they also grow cardamom, turmeric, and durian.

Our Robusta is harvested from October to January and processed by the farmers. It is then ready for us to roast to bring out its glorious, full-bodied flavours.


Ywangan in Taunggyi district, southern Shan State is a dense, natural forested area with butterflies and orchids, and blessed by a glorious blue lagoon. It is a floating paradise at over 1,200 MSL with amazing views overlooking the forests.

The coffee is nourished by high rainfall to produce a great cup of 85+. The mountain stream brings clear mountain water year-round. The fields of coffee become alive with the Danu people harvesting the bright, juicy red Catuai cherries from October to January.

The TW KBZ coffee factory is powered by hydropower. The coffee washing station (CWS) is spread over 1 ha, producing washed and natural coffee which dries in the sun. 15 dedicated people work at the CWS, including 10 women.

We produce 20 tons a year of specialty grade green beans. This is 10% our total coffee output. We roast it at our Mandalay roastery, 200km away. We do small batch roasting and have roasted coffee since 2016.

We are about creating jobs, and enhancing the reputation and brand value of Ywangan, which is known for high quality coffee. Our CWS was built in 2020 and is called Village Culture after our open coffee-orientated tourism. We welcome our coffee drinkers and traders to explore this region, enjoy our coffee fields, visit our factory and meet our farmers.

Specialty coffee

Every single bean is hand harvested for our specialty grade coffee. Our farmers pick only the deep red, ripe beans. This ensures sweeter flavours in the cup.

For cleaner flavours we use natural and wet processing. This really has the power to implement the brightness and high notes of the coffee.

TW KBZ has a cupping certificate from Myanmar Coffee Association (MCA) which qualifies us to cup our own coffees. This helps us to access the flavours, aromas, finishing tastes and fine characteristics.

We are planning to build CWS in all our coffee growing areas in Mandalay division, and Kayin, Chin and Shan states.