KBZ Mountain Red Tea

Red Tea products from Taw Win KBZ Co., Ltd..

Red Tea

The leaf is rolled to encourage oxygen exposure to enzymes in the leaf. This is sometimes called fermentation, but this is a misnomer, as there is no actual microbial fermentation. These changes dull the astringent nature of the tea leaf, bring out sweet and dried fruit notes, and give Red tea it's distinctive red golden hue.

After the fresh teas are picked, the leaves are left out in a cool, shaded area to slowly lose moisture. Some big leaf varietals are also sun-wilted first, which could take many hours. Most makers now use oxidation beds to wilt the tea, drastically accelerating the process, but also compromising the quality.

After the stems have lost enough moisture to snap, the wilted leaves are then rolled vigorously to sufficiently break the membranes. This allows thorough oxidation that will facilitate the fermentation later on. Red tea is also rolled for the longest amount of time among all teas, often for over an hour.

There will always be strings that are not fermented, which will affect the flavor of the final tea. While the tea is still wet and the discoloration is easier to see, a tedious step where greener leaves are picked out takes place.

Tea Brewing Steps


Put the tea bag into the cup.


Pour boiling water into the cup.


Wait for 5 minutes.


Stir well and enjoy the tea.