KBZ Mountain Orthodox & CTC Tea

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Orthodox & CTC Tea

The Orthodox Method is the most popular technique for processing black teas. After the tea leaves are picked, they are laid out to wither in the heat for up to 18 hours. This length of time will reduce the water content of the leaves, causing them to be soft and flexible. A special machine will then press and twist the rolled leaves to initiate the oxidization. When the leaves are oxidized and cut, there is a second round of oxidizing out in the open air. The level of polyphenols in the tea levels will develop during this step, as well as the flavor of the tea. The final stage is drying. This action will occur in a drying machine. After, the oxidization process will be 100% complete.

The CTC Method was developed when the tea bag was created in the 1950’s. This process made it so that extensive amounts of tea leaves could be cut into small pieces… tiny enough to fit into tea bags. The CTC Method is similar to the beginning and end stages of the Orthodox Method, except that there is no rolling process in the middle. Instead, the tea leaves are immediately cut, torn, and curled in a rotor-vane machine.

The benefits were related to cardiovascular diseases, weight loss, blood sugar levels, digestion, stress relief and dental hygiene, amongst others. All of the above and numerous other health benefits of tea have prompted a lot of people around the world to include this cuppa in their daily regimen.