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Yoke The' Black Tea, First Myanmar product on China's e-commerce platforms

A one-year agreement was signed on January 14 between Myanmar's Tawwin Kanbawza Mountain Co. Ltd and the Guangxi CAEXPO Brand Management Co., Ltd to market and sell the product on various China's e-commerce websites.

It's black tea is currently exported to Singapore, Japan and Korea, in addition to China. The agreement will see product gain access to China's online platforms like Taobao and JingTon, among others.

Yoke The' black tea will become the first Myanmar product to be launched in China's e-commerce platform where there are millions of tea fans. I am very proud of this achievement, said Daw Yin Yin Han, CEO of Yoke The'.

“We signed a one year contract to sell on their e-platforms. It is an instant tea pack. We use natural organic genuine black tea. (The product has) international dye-free certificates from EU and USAID. We harvest from the best growing areas to produce the best quality. We also pack them in clean packets,” she said.

“We have been penetrating China's market for three years now. The Chinese people like (the tea) and this is the first time we are launching it on their e-platforms,” she added.

Yoke The' Black Tea