planting 2000 seedlings

Planting 2000 seedlings together with local farmers at Nam Sam, Kwang Hal Village

Shwe Panlaw manufacturing company limited presented Taw Win KanBawZa Mountain Company Limited with a certificate of honor in recognition of contributing 2000 Oak trees to the tea farmers in the village around Kwan Hel Village Tract, Namhsan Township, Palaung Self-Administrative Zone.

The benefits of early planting include

- Shade between tea trees

- Promoting tea plant development

- As the early plant are fast growing trees, the leaves provide surrounding tea trees with nitrogen

- Maintain hydration

- In summer, water remains in the vicinity near the plants

- Erotion protection on slopes

- The branches of the plant can be used as wood and the leaves can be used as animal fodder

- It supports farmers as it can be used for house building when the plants grow

planting 2000 seedlings

planting 2000 seedlings

planting 2000 seedlings